Selling Terms


  • I ask that all items are in excellent saleable condition - including vintage pieces.   Please ensure that they are freshly laundered/dry cleaned and do not need repairing.
  • I reserve the right to decline items that are not the brands I carry/are not seasonal or in good condition.
  • The proposed selling price is decided by us; we do not do pre-approval unless a client specifically asks. 
  • I will take every care to protect the items you bring to Matisa Market but all items are left at your own risk. While on my premises your items are NOT insured against damage, loss or theft. 
  • After twelve weeks (as a general rule; if we feel the item could benefit from a longer run online we will do so!) any items that haven’t sold will be ready for your collection or we can organise return post (the client is responsible for this cost) or we are happy to donate on your behalf.
  • I will endeavour to send you a collection reminder message then hold these items for one more week allowing you time to collect or call to make alternative arrangements.
  • If you do not make contact after a second reminder the items will become the property of Matisa Market. Without further reference to yourself, they will be reduced for a quick sale or donated to a charity of Matisa Market’s choice. 
  • For each item sold Matisa Market shall retain 50% of the selling price and you will receive the other 50% - unless premium leather goods (handbags/shoes etc) whereby a 70:30 split will be agreed.