Welcome to Matisa Rental

Our mission is to make fashion something that can be enjoyed without the impact that buying pieces new has on the planet and our pockets.

Renting pieces with Matisa offers an environmentally-conscious, cost-savvy way to experiment with new styles and enjoy that feeling we all get when wearing something we love.
We offer Matisa Rental as an in-store experience at Brightwell Barns.  



Book an appointment to come into the studio and find the perfect outfit from our selection of over 50 hand-selected pieces 

Let us know the date you’d like to start your rental and the length of time you need the piece for. All pieces have a minimum 4 days rental period and a maximum of 12. 

Have an incredible time wearing your Matisa Rental and be sure to tag us in any snaps @matisarental and use the hashtag…. We love nothing more than seeing our pieces out there living their best lives!

At the end of your rental, simply drop it back to us at the Studio. Don’t worry about cleaning it, we have a lovely team who will take care of that.




How long can I rent for?

All pieces have a minimum 4 days rental period and a maximum of 12. 

If you would like to rent your chosen piece for longer than 12 days then please just get in touch at market@matisamarket.com and we will try our hardest to make it happen.

How do I return my outfit?

Simply get in touch to arrange a time to drop your piece off at the studio, no later than the final date of your rental period. This is so the piece can be cleaned and sent out on a new adventure with another customer!

What if i damage or lose my item?

We expect you treat your rental with the same love and care you would your own clothing but understand that accidents sometimes happen. Damage to pieces is chargeable at cost which will be assessed on a case by case basis. Just let us know as soon as possible by emailing us at market@matisamarket.com with details before sending the piece back to us.

If you want complete peace of mind, we offer an optional Damage Cover fee of £6 at checkout which covers minor spills or repairable damage (such as a stuck zip) so that you can rent worry free. This covers you up to the value of £50. If the cost or cleaning or repair exceeds this then you will be charged the excess.

In the event of outright loss, or if the item is damaged beyond repair, you will unfortunately be charged the full market value of the garment.

What’s not covered by Damage Protection?

The following instances are not covered by Damage Protection:

  • Damage in excess of £50 repair / cleaning costs
  • Damage beyond repair
  • Complete loss of the item (including theft)

Do I need to clean my item before I send it back?

No! You can enjoy your item for the duration of the rental without having to worry about getting it cleaned. .

We know you’re a helpful bunch but PLEASE do not attempt to clean or repair pieces yourself! We have a brilliant and skilled team who take care of cleaning and repairs and they can only do the wonderful job they do if they get to it first. 

What if I return an item late?

Being prompt with your return enables us to send the piece off on a new adventure with another customer which is what we live for!

Unfortunately, If you return an item late, you will incur a £20 per day late fee for each day after the last day of your rental. To avoid this, please ensure you get in touch with us to arrange a slot to drop your piece off in good time.

If, for any reason, it looks like you won’t be able to make your return date, please contact us at market@matisamarket.com.